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  1. 5 principles for a better first draft

    Things I have found that help my writing.

  2. The power of positive feedback

    Make more effort to show and keep positive feedback - a little goes a long way

  3. Daily practice and trusting yourself

    How showing up without expectation can help you move forward.

  4. How to become a better designer

    Level up as a designer through copywork and remixing ideas.

  5. Doomscrolling and the rise of personal blogs, newsletters and podcasts

    Musings on the platforms through which we consume information and news.

  6. On kindness, self and others

    Connect and help others in small ways in these strange times

  7. Battle of the text editors - iAWriter and Bear - which should you use?

    An overview of two writing apps detailing their best features and how I like using them

  8. Dealing with the dark days

    Getting over the lack of light in the winter

  9. Show your Work and Keep Going

  10. Start your work day on cheat mode

    Working late can be detrimental after a long day - clear note taking and a fresh brain the next day help you solve many problems.

  11. It's OK to fail new year resolutions

    Go easy on yourself and your own self expectations

  12. Rediscovering a love of board games

    Rekindling a love of gaming in pandemic times

  13. How to level up your artistic talents

    How regular practice and working in public can help you improve your skills fast

  14. Fathom: the best alternative to Google Analytics

    Why I switched to Fathom Analytics

  15. 2020

  16. Building an effective writing and note-taking system using Bear

    Blog post: how I improved my writing and productivity using an easy 3 step process to help avoid writers block

  17. 2019

  18. Making remote work work

    Tips on making the best of remote work.

  19. UXCampBrighton 2019 roundup

    Notes about UXCampBrighton and the talks I went to

  20. Talk - Giving and receiving design feedback - UXCampBrighton 2019

    A quick recap video of the talk I gave at UXCampBrighton 2019

  21. 2018

  22. Talk - Running Design Discovery workshops

  23. Using animation for web UI

  24. Side project - My Next Bus

  25. 2016

  26. Favourite Sketch shortcuts

  27. Establishing a regular run

  28. Jekyll blogging from iOS

  29. Useful Git commands for (code-savvy) designers

  30. Eliminating distractions as a generalist

  31. Dealing with information overload in an always connected world

  32. Using analytics to make web development decisions

  33. Making the most of the commute

  34. Chasing Success

  35. Effective Wireframes talk - UXBrighton June 2016

  36. UX Camp Brighton 2016

  37. 2015

  38. woodland abstracts

  39. What I've been reading and listening to in May

  40. Long exposure photography with the Triggertrap shutter release

  41. DIY lo-fi photo gallery

  42. IKEA sit stand desk - initial thoughts after a few weeks

  43. 2014

  44. Inspiration at Birdie Conf 2014

  45. Some thoughts on remote working

  46. Lego VW Camper van

  47. Deploy your code the painless way

  48. 2013

  49. Street photography in Soho and Covent Garden with the Fuji X-E1

  50. Street photography on the southbank with the Fuji XE1

  51. Lake District Photography with the Fuji X-E1

  52. 2012

  53. Coastal Walk

  54. Musings on implementing a recent responsive design

  55. Featured in dot net magazine responsive design gallery

  56. Tips for designing and developing around content in the browser

  57. Starting out with Street Photography - becoming fearless

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