IKEA sit stand desk - initial thoughts after a few weeks

Jan 28, 2015 • • 🍿 2 min. read in life

Working from home, it's important to have a really good desk. Having nearly worn out a very old IKEA desk, I decided to go the sit/stand route.

I recently bought an IKEA sit/stand desk and after a few comments on twitter asking me how I find it, after a few weeks usage can firmly say I really love it.

The picture above (with unnaturally clear desk) is just for scale, but is able to comfortably hold an iMac and LCD monitor side by side happily.

It's white 160cm x 80cm top BEKANT with black legs, and costs £465 new. My previous desk had served well for years, but I had ruined the top and one of the legs was propped up on books, so decided it was time for something new.

Build took about 20 minutes from start to finish, and the motor is nicely contained within the legs extremely neatly. All cables are contained in a neat mesh cable tidy, big enough for a power strip and host of plugs plus an external HDD.

It's controlled by a simple up/down switch, with 'key' that you can lock it in position - useful if you have kids I guess. It goes pretty low (65cm) up to 125cm - more than enough for me (6ft-ish)

I've found the perfect two spots for me down and standing, and set them using a simple pencil mark on the wall which I align with. More expensive sit/stand desks have presets, but I find this simple trick works for me.

if you are interested in what it sounds like in action, check the below clip. You can see the desk move past my windowsill for indication of speed. A little noisy maybe, but considering how much one can pay for a sit stand desk elsewhere, I'm happy with it.

IKEA Bekant motor lift noise clip on Vimeo

I'm trying to slowly ramp up my standing usage, and currently am on about 45 mins-1 hour a day, usually first thing in the morning.

All in all highly recommended!

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