A quest to shoot better portraits

practice makes perfect

Mar 26, 2024 • • 🍿 1 min. read in photography

I'm saddened by the fact that I haven't picked up my camera in months - I was just starting to go out and shoot some street portraits semi-regularly but life got in the way.

However I'm feeling inspired by this interview from the always wonderful Sean Tucker with portrait photographer Phil Sharp (Phil's website + instagram).

Hearing these conversations makes me really think about how I interact with people, and also how and where I shoot them.

Some of my recent portraits

Some of my current photos are up on https://alpower.co.uk/ but I'm reviewing both where I share and store my photos, as well as the editing process.

Some of my portraits
some of my portraits up on https://alpower.co.uk/

It's so nice having these brief moments of interactions with strangers, and sometimes sharing photos with them afterwards.

Of course not everyone wants their photo taken, which is totally fine, but I've had comments back from people saying that my photos have really helped boost their self-confidence and willingness to have their photo taken, which is really gratifying.

Like any hobby you need to dedicate time to it - I really just need to stop faffing and get out and shoot a lot more portraits - it's the only way to get better.

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