Finding good fonts to use in your projects

My go-to places for font inspiration

Feb 21, 2022 • • 🍿 2 min. read in designtipsdesign

Where do I find good fonts?

One of the hardest thing I find when starting a design is to find the right fonts for my projects.

Whether you are a fan of Google Fonts, or like buying more premium fonts from Font Foundries, here's a collection of places you can go for inspiration.

I usually try to think of font choices when I know more about the personality of the brand of what I'm designing, as that can influence what font you choose.

Learn about type

Google Fonts has a very nice primer on the basics of type.

Go with a System Font stack and CSS Tricks.

If you are designing for the web, consider using the built-in fonts on the platforms you are targeting. Looks good and native to whatever you are reading on, and no extra resources to download.

Find great font pairings

One of the real challenges is finding a nice font pairing. I often use a fairly plain body font with a fancier heading.

  • - this is a great resource if you want to see some nicely made Google font pairings.

  • Typewolf - another great pairing resource.

Where to find great fonts

Some clients don't want to pay for/can't afford font licensing, whereas others really value the difference a good font can bring to their brand, so I've got a mixture of places I look:

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