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Hi I'm Al Power.

A Digital Designer, working on the south coast of the UK helping people build digital products.


  1. 5 principles for a better first draft

    Things I have found that help my writing.

  2. The power of positive feedback

    Make more effort to show and keep positive feedback - a little goes a long way

  3. Daily practice and trusting yourself

    How showing up without expectation can help you move forward.

  4. How to become a better designer

    Level up as a designer through copywork and remixing ideas.

  5. Doomscrolling and the rise of personal blogs, newsletters and podcasts

    Musings on the platforms through which we consume information and news.

  6. On kindness, self and others

    Connect and help others in small ways in these strange times

  7. Battle of the text editors - iAWriter and Bear - which should you use?

    An overview of two writing apps detailing their best features and how I like using them

  8. Dealing with the dark days

    Getting over the lack of light in the winter

  9. Start your work day on cheat mode

    Working late can be detrimental after a long day - clear note taking and a fresh brain the next day help you solve many problems.

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