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Hi I'm Al Power.

A Digital Designer, working on the south coast of the UK helping people build digital products.


  1. Writing cadence

    Slowing down to speed up

  2. Daily journaling

    The benefits of gratitude journalling.

  3. Design for when it goes wrong

    Brand loyalty can be made when things go wrong as well as right.

  4. The dangers of one-sided spec work

    How to make software projects succeed through collaboration, exploration and education.

  5. Getting unstuck

    How exercise and changing context can help.

  6. UX: User experience or user exploitation?

    User experience and design ethics

  7. Make things online as simple as they need to be

    Not everyone accesses the web on equal footing, so check what you make.

  8. User Research - Interview Question Tips

    Notes on asking good questions in a user interview scenario

  9. User Research - Overview

    Bite-sized notes from a user research talk

  10. 5 principles for a better first draft

    Things I have found that help my writing.

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