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Talk - Running Design Discovery workshops

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Here's a run through practice video of my talk given at UXCamp Brighton 2018 - Planning and Running Design Discovery workshops with your customers.

Areas covered included:

  • What a design discovery workshop is (and isn't).
  • Understanding customer insights.
  • The importance of research and planning.
  • Dealing with big feature lists.
  • Keeping energy levels up.
  • Asking the right kinds of questions.
  • The power of design 'artifacts' and visual language.
  • Improvisation techniques.
  • Preparing participants.
  • Structuring a workshop.
  • Exercises you can try.
  • ...and finally documenting a workshop.

I went with a general Indiana Jones theme as that seemed apt for Discovery. Thanks for all those that attended and spoke - it was a really great day!

Books I recommend in the talk:
Building Products - by Laura Klein,
UX Team of One by Leah Buley,
Practical Design Discovery by Dan Brown
and finally Game Storming by Dave Gray

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