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How to level up your artistic talents

How regular practice and working in public can help you improve your skills fast

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There are always hobbies we want to start - for me it was painting and drawing as I come from a really artistic family.

But I had a fear of not being good enough, and sharing in public.

What helped me was something called the 100 Day Project - an ambitious global effort to try something new, and share it online.

I did it a few years ago, and it was daunting initially, but using the shared 100dayproject hashtag meant you were on a journey with others, and everyone was supportive.

I started simple, just drawing tiny pictures after work, playing with ink and watercolour, and ended up using my own hashtag to keep track of art I've made, and have enjoyed painting and drawing ever since.

art by al

The next cohort starts Jan 31st 2021 - why not choose something simple and give it a go?

“There are nearly endless opportunities to improve each day and finding them largely boils down to being curious.
People who are better in the end are usually curious in the beginning.”
James Clear

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