Adding figures with captions to images in markdown with eleventy

Jul 25, 2021 • • 🍿 3 min. read in eleventy


Markdown is really flexible for writing text, but it's support for images is quite simplistic.

Standard images in markdown

![A kitten](


<img src="" alt="A kitten">

A kitten

However I want to generate something more useful to readers, i.e. images with nice captions like:

<img src="" alt="A kitten">
<figcaption>Chesney the Kitten attempts a giant leap<figcaption>

Now you can do this by just including HTML in your markdown, but this gets boring fast, and I wanted a single markdown tag to do this with.


Use the markdown-it plugin markdown-it-image-figures.

Full plugin docs are here, but if you want to output simple images with alt tags and title like:

<img src="fig.png" alt="This is an alt">
<figcaption>This is a caption</figcaption>

you need the following config alongside your markdown library configuration in your .eleventy.js file:

let markdownIt = require("markdown-it");
let options = {
// whatever options you have set for the library here
let mdfigcaption = require('markdown-it-image-figures');
let figoptions = {
figcaption: true

const mdLib = markdownIt(options).use(mdfigcaption, figoptions);

module.exports = function (config) {
//other config here

config.setLibrary("md", mdLib);

N.B. the figcaption option sets the plugin to use a specified image title as the fig caption.


![A Kitten]( "Chesney the Kitten attempts a giant leap")

outputs the following HTML

<img src="" alt="A kitten">
<figcaption>Chesney the Kitten attempts a giant leap<figcaption>

which renders with a bit of styling like:

A Kitten
Chesney the Kitten attempts a giant leap

Gotchas to watch out for

  • you have to pass the figcaption options in with the plugin, not in with the main libary options.
  • leave a blank line above the markdown image tag otherwise it doesn't seem to render properly.
  • You’re only allowed one module.exports in your configuration file, so make sure you only add the config to you tour existing one!

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