Favourite Sketch shortcuts

Nov 8, 2016 • • 🍿 2 min. read in design

Since starting work as a designer, I've loved using Sketch - it's a real lightweight design tool that I couldn't live without.

Below are some of my most used Keyboard shortcuts that I use daily. The more time I spent with my hands on the keyboard the less time I have to use the mouse, which is better both for efficiency and also RSI.

Command key (⌘) + G - this groups selected layers, and is usually followed by Command key (⌘) + R which allowed you to rename a group. I use both of these commands in tandem to quickly organise a messy Sketch file into named groups of things.

R, O, and L inserts a rectangle, oval or line. Holding Shift creates a square/circle, and for lines creates straight lines.

Command key (⌘) + D - duplicate a layer.

Alt - hold this down to quickly measure around the currently selected object.

B and F toggle borders and fills respectively.

Ctrl + C opens the colour picker to fill the selected layer.

Command key (⌘) + left or up arrow increases width or height of a layer by 1px. Holding Shift increases this to 10px.

Zooming: Command key (⌘) + 1 ** zooms out, Command key (⌘) + 2 zooms in and Command key (⌘) + 0 is 100% zoom.

fn + < or > move between artboards.

Ctrl + alt + Command key (⌘) + up or down arrow move layers to front or back.

Alt + Command key (⌘) + C or V copies and pastes style.

Command key (⌘) + arrow key adjusts size.

I know I'm only scratching the surface shortcut-wise - I'll write more as I find them out!

Got a favourite Sketch shortcut? Let me know on twitter!.

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