UX Camp Brighton 2016

Back from an excellent one day conference yesterday - UX Camp Brighton 2016, where I gave my first UX talk - "Effective wireframes - pitfalls to avoid and tips for success".

Thanks to all those who came to my talk - as a first timer everyone was very supportive and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending anyone who wants to have a go speaking at UXCampBrighton to give it a go.

I've put my slides up online below as a PDF in case anyone wants to re-review them.

My 'Effective wireframes' slides - PDF download


As this was my first 'barcamp' like conference, I wasn't sure what to expect, but big kudos to the organisers and volunteers, the day went pretty smoothly, and I had an excellent time.

All the talks I attended were excellent, but particular standouts were Richard Rutter's talk about working alongside a content strategist, Leo Barnes on writing great user stories, Luke Hay's Analytics talk and Rob Pearson talking about a UX case-study for Macmillian.

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