User Research - Interview Question Tips

I took part in a really good session on user research and interview techniques at UX up presented by the wonderful Benjamin Parry, who presented an overview of User Research, some interview techniques, followed by an interview breakout session.

While this is more than a short blog post can cover, I thought I'd summarise my notes in bite-sized form - all errors are mine :)

This is Part 2 - interview question tips - part 1: was a general overview of user research.

Part 2: User Interview Question tips

Good Interviewing is hard

How much should you talk?

If Pacman was a pie chart, proportionally you should talk for the mouth slice, the user should talk for the rest of Pacman slice.

Listening, processing and asking questions is hard - it's proper mental juggling.

Use a mindmap or a simple list of questions to structure things to help prompt you and allow for more of a natural flow.

Don’t write everything down - it should be a conversation. You want people to be at ease, and if you are constantly writing things down they might feel like they are being tested.

Record the conversation and use transcription software - check out

User your intuition and sense if someone has more to say or could open up more.

These are just my high-level notes - there's lots of good writing around the subject:

View part 1: part 1: was a general overview of user research.

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