NetNewsWire - My RSS reading setup

A nice simple setup for reading RSS feeds on Mac/iOS

Oct 23, 2022 • • 🍿 1 min. read in productivity

Thought I'd note what I use for RSS feed reading (If you have no idea what this is check out: what is RSS?).

I've tried a bunch of commercial feed readers and syncing services since the demise of Google Reader, but have settled on the wonderful and open source RSS reader for Mac, iPhone and iPad: NetNewsWire by the wonderful Brent Simmons.

NetNewsWire Settings

Bonus tip: If you add your feeds to iCloud, they stay in sync across devices, without the need of feed syncing services.

NetNewsWire Settings

Highlights for me are:

  • previously mentioned syncing: it can sync for free via iCloud, so if you read an article on your phone, then the Mac app knows it's read - make sure you add feeds to the 'iCloud account' for this to work.
  • it has really nice keyboard shortcuts on the Mac, and is very easy to use on your iPhone.
  • it works natively with dark mode really well.
  • Starred articles are great - a nice reference for things you want to save for later.
  • it has a really clean reading experience.

I've found sometimes while it's useful to keep up with things, Twitter and the news can lead to doom-scrolling, and RSS is a nice self-cultivated way of reading internet content without being bombarded with ads or promoted content, and it's now what I reach for first.

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