Making the most of the commute

1st November 2016

Commuting - it’s the thing we all loved to hate. Currently I have about an hour journey each way (when the buses are running perfectly) on the bus into Brighton from where I live, and when I started doing this a year ago, I found it to be a bit of a drag, often waiting ages for non-existent buses off an unreliable timetable.

However I’ve figured out how to reduce wasted time to the minimum, and also make the most of what is essentially dead time that you are never going to get back.

If you commute, do you have any things that you find useful?

After seeing my friend Ben attempt to write more blog posts in November as part of National Blog Post Month (#NaBloPoMo) I thought I would try and write a few more quick and short posts for November - lets see how far I can go with this.