Establishing a regular run

7th November 2016

One of the things I find really hard to do despite best intentions is establishing a regular run. I’m a master at coming up with all the excuses, however small to allow me to either stay in bed or on the sofa in the warm.

I was used to working remotely from home with no real regular commute, and since taking a job that’s a 2.5 hour round trip daily commute, my available time has been shortened even further.

So I’m trying to figure out some things I can do to get back out there. I always feel great after a short morning run and it sets me up for the day as well as combatting some on the negative health impacts of a desk job, but always find self imposed roadblocks get in my way.

So these are the things I’m trying out over the next few weeks:

What works for you? Let me know nd follow my progress on Strava

As part of National Blog Post Month (#NaBloPoMo) the spin off from the novel writing month that writers often partake in November, I thought I would try and write a few more quick and short posts for November - lets see how far I can go with this.