Things I enjoyed in 2022

2022 was a challenging year, but there's a lot to be thankful for

Dec 31, 2022 • • 🍿 5 min. read in life

Due to supporting vulnerable family members (which meant my wife was away 50% of the year), plus me starting a new full-time remote job, I was on my own a lot in 2022.

I spent a lot of time online, both socially (in Slack and Discord groups) for human connection and read, listened and watched a lot of things, and the following are some highlights.


I read 20-30 books, but these were the standout ones:



  • The Gentleman Bastard Sequence by Lynch, Scott. Cracking page-turning fantasy set amongst a magical world of con-men and thieves.
  • Foundryside by Robert Jackson Bennett. Another heist based fantasy series with an interesting take on a magic-system.
  • The Blade itself by Joe Abercrombie. Think Conan the Barbarian meets Game of Thrones meets Tarantino. Great characters that had me laughing out loud more than once.
  • Leviathan Wakes by James S.A. Corey. Book 1 of the Expanse series, which I came to via the Expanse TV show on Amazon Prime.
  • Mistborn: The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson. New to Brandon Sanderson, and he's a master of epic high-fantasy novel series. Incredible world building, and completely sucked me in.
  • Jade City by Fonda Lee. Really fun. Think Hong Kong gangster film but set in a fantasy metropolis.
  • The Dark is Rising Series by Susan Cooper. I'm a sucker for good young-adult books, as they are often an enjoyable easy read, and this is a classic series I read as a child, enjoyed, and reread.


I got myself a YouTube subscription, and it's made a night and day difference to sheer enjoyment of online video.
I probably consume way too much, but these are a few folks I subscribe to that I've enjoyed.

  • Magic: Chris Ramsay - I used to do a lot of close-up magic and both Chris and Penn and Teller on YouTube have been such a joy and rekindled my love of magic.
  • Photography: Sean Tucker for his philosophical approach to creativity. Faizal Westcott - Faisal has a really nice editing style and his sheer enthusiasm for Street Photography is great. Also enjoyed James Popsys a lot. So many good photography YouTubers out there too many to list.
    Music Making: Ricky Tinez, TAETRO and True Cuckoo - I've set myself the challenge of learning Ableton this year, and thoroughly inspired by watching this guys make beats.
  • Coding: Joy of Code has been great for learning Svelte and SvelteKit.
  • Design: Figma, Motion Hatch and CharlieMarie TV have all been great.

We seem to be in a golden age of TV and music at the moment, and there have been so many best-of posts, but the following were highlights for me:


  • Slow Horses (Apple TV) - comedic London-based spy series - love Gary Oldman.
  • For all Mankind (Apple TV) - a history rewrite of the space race, set over several decades.
  • The Rings of Power (Amazon Prime) - a big budget Lord of the Rings pre-cursor.
  • His Dark Materials S3 (BBC iPlayer) - a wonderful and emotional final series of Philip Pullman's beloved trilogy.
  • Jack Ryan (Amazon Prime) - classic Tom Clancy popcorn thriller stuff.
  • The Peripheral (Amazon Prime) - incredible time-bending sci-fi - hard to believe this was written in 2014.
  • Mosquito Coast (Apple TV) - dark drama about a family fleeing the U.S. Government through Mexico - S1 and S2 equally good.


These aren't all new in 2022 but new to me - lots of folky stuff and ambient electronica.
Anything on NPR Tiny Desk Concerts - it's all good.
Scary Pockets - great guests and solid funk.
So many playlists on Apple Music - Living in the Library and Piano Chill are great as background music.

Ludovico Einaudi - incredible composer and his latest Underwater is amazing.
Svaneborg KardyB Wurlitzer and percussion - danish and scandi folk/jazz - think distilled sunshine - joyous.

Truth by Shallou - chilled and great for driving at night (Spotify and Apple Music)

Once by Ben Böhmer (Apple Music) - beautiful German electronica.

He also has a great Live at the Roundhouse set:

...As well as an incredible set from a Hot Air balloon above the Turkish desert.

Rosewood by Bonobo - there's something about Bonobo that''s just magical - I think the fact that he's a multi-instrumentalist is what gives his music such depth.

Home by Maribou State

Coastline by Hollow Coves - more on the folk side, with lots of mellow guitar.

Colly's Music Weekly - as someone who's not up on the music scene, I found Simon's weekly list is a great way to explore what's cool out there.

Site Nonsite and links - thoughtful and interesting electronic music with Japanese ambient aesthetics.

Music for Sushi Restaurant by Harry Styles. Never thought I'd be a Harry Styles fan, but here we are - I loved this song (and the album it's from) - very funky.

Online Communities

Slack: Designer Hangout and Discord: Frontend Horse, Friends of Figma, Svelte and The Happy Place.

Twitter used to be where I spent a lot of time but I've moved over to Mastodon and since Twitter's takeover and I think it's time I started posting more in places where I'm not the product - Much like Andy I'm hoping folks blog more on their own sites in 2023.

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