Quick Eleventy (11ty) Tutorials

I've been building a lot of eleventy sites recently, so thought I'd share some tips I've picked up on the way.

This is a work in progress and if you find issues with any of these let me know!

  1. Good eleventy resources to get started with 21 July 2021
  2. Applying frontmatter defaults to a whole folder of posts in eleventy 22 July 2021
  3. Formatting dates nicely in 11ty with Luxon 22 July 2021
  4. Configure markdown footnotes in eleventy 23 July 2021
  5. Adding figures with captions to images in markdown with eleventy 25 July 2021
  6. How to password protect a static site on Vercel, Netlify, or any JAMStack site 10 October 2021
  7. Setting a timestamp for posts and RSS feeds in eleventy 29 December 2021
  8. A better static site blogging workflow with Alfred + Eleventy in 2022 30 December 2021