My journey so far

Now a user-focused product designer, I made the transition to UX & design from web-development over the last ten years...

I edited my first web page in 1998 when the web was in its infancy, design was applied mainly to print and physical items, and UX hadn't established itself as a discipline.

Starting out editing HTML and basic images on web pages as a part-time job for a University department, I worked through the growth of the early internet, the browser wars, and the emergence of web standards.

Throughout each job I've been more and more curious as to why we were making what we were, and each job I took moved me more and more towards looking at the user and their experience, and design as a discipline.

Career timeline

  • 1998 – early 2000's

    Microsoft & front-end web development

    After a year interning for Microsoft as a Systems Engineer, I started out working in a variety of front-end development roles for several Oxford agencies, building web-based products - getting a taste for building things on the web using web-standards, battling Internet Explorer 4/5/6 and Netscape Navigator and the early days of CSS.

  • 2006 – 2013

    Developer/Web Team Lead for Nominet

    While working for Nominet, the dot UK domain registry, building and managing their web-based domain management systems, I started getting interested in UX and design, and introduced user research to my development process. I started an event, UXOxford (now 1200 members strong) to expand my knowledge further.

  • 2013 – 2015

    Principal Search UI Consultant (remote) for Twigkit

    I worked as a Consultant remotely for a small Cambridge based search startup. Working with global enterprise clients across the full project lifecycle, I helped businesses, designing and creating custom search experiences built on top of the Twigkit search platform and UI toolkit.

    Working in a design, UX and development capacity, I worked closely with clients like Google, Vodafone, ITV, Rolls Royce, BASF, QAD, Toyota, and Hays Recruitment, designing and delivering meaningful polished search experiences with proven measured success.

  • 2015–2022

    Design/UX Lead then Creative Director for DabApps

    I worked as a Design Lead and Creative Director for DabApps, a small Brighton agency, focusing on mobile and web-based business products (web app and native mobile) for a variety of clients, from charities and corporates to SAAS startups.

  • 2022–Present

    Principle Designer for Prezly

    I work with an amazing global team helping build the best publishing tool for businesses to tell their story.