Posts on design


  1. How to become a better designer

    Level up as a designer through copywork and remixing ideas.

  2. 2019

  3. Making remote work work

    Tips on making the best of remote work.

  4. UXCampBrighton 2019 roundup

    Notes about UXCampBrighton and the talks I went to

  5. Talk - Giving and receiving design feedback - UXCampBrighton 2019

    A quick recap video of the talk I gave at UXCampBrighton 2019

  6. 2018

  7. Talk - Running Design Discovery workshops

  8. Using animation for web UI

  9. Side project - My Next Bus

  10. 2016

  11. Favourite Sketch shortcuts

  12. Useful Git commands for (code-savvy) designers

  13. Eliminating distractions as a generalist

  14. 2012

  15. Musings on implementing a recent responsive design

  16. Featured in dot net magazine responsive design gallery

  17. Tips for designing and developing around content in the browser

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