It's OK to fail new year resolutions

15th January 2021

We do this to ourselves every year. There’s something about starting a new year when we tell ourselves we are going to learn a new thing.

For me I:

But we are in the middle of a pandemic.

It’s hard going being stuck at home, living and working in a small space, not going out. It’s hard on one’s mental health.

If you want to just sit and watch Netflix and eat a whole bar of chocolate that’s OK. Just because you take a break from things, that’s OK.

You can always pause, and try your good intentions another day, when you are more motivated.

When I don’t feel like doing anything, sometimes I just write my thoughts and ideas, good and bad in a journal ready for another day. It stops me dwelling on them, and gives me a place to pick them up again from.

Stop giving yourself a hard time. Sometimes it’s ok just to exist.