Daily journaling

My wife has been practising daily gratitude journaling in the evening (using pen and a paper journal) for about 2-3 years, writing down her thoughts, and also a few things she is grateful for.

She says reading back through it is a lovely experience - so much nicer to be focusing on that over doom and gloom.

I've decided to join her, as I can clearly see how it has benefited her mental health. All this is is a personal diary that is used to note and later reflect on meaningful moments in one’s life, however small.

They don't have to be particularly epic things - just small moments that would otherwise be forgotten. She says it shifts focus onto positive happy things - you start to notice more things about your day, however small.

There is a wealth of scientific evidence that shows writing down what you’re grateful for has many benefits.

We think faster than we can write so putting thoughts into words on paper slows down the thinking process, helping you organise your thoughts - this is why note-taking is so effective.

I'm going to try it and will report back how I feel.

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